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SN Write Tool helps you to Write or Flash the IMEI on Mediatek Smartphone and Tablets. Use any of the following SN Write Tool to Flash the IMEI on your Mediatek Devices. We recommend you to use the latest version of SN Write Tool for Better Support to the Latest Mediatek Devices. How to Write IMEI on Android MTK Smartphones Using SN Writer Tool. If you experience the problems I have mentioned above with your phone, then, you without doubt, need to write IMEI on your Android MTK smartphone. In this article, we will look at How to Write IMEI on Android MTK Smartphones Using Computer with SN Writer Tool. Aug 16,  · Home > Tools > Download WriteIMEI Tool (all versions) Twitter. Facebook. Updated on August 16, WriteIMEI tool allows you to write IMEI on devices powered by Spreadtrum Chipset, including Smartphone, FeaturePhone and Tablets. Here, we have managed to share the latest version of the tool along with the previous versions.

SN Write Tool - Official MTK IMEI Tool

How are you dear reader? Welcome back to Technology Sage. Maybe you have mtk smartphone write imei even bothered to find out because you have never found yourself in a situation where this is necessary. But now that you are here today reading this article, I believe you have realized that at some points, you might mtk smartphone write imei to write IMEI number on your Android smartphone. This also is the number that your service provider uses to identify your phone with.

In case your phone gets lost, you can report to the police and your mobile service provider who can track it for you or blacklist the IMEI number so that your phone can not load to any network again using another SIM card until it is reported found and white listed by your service provider. IMEI number is a number that contains 15 numbers. Remove the battery and look under where the battery lies on the phone. You will see IMEI numbers indicated.

You will realize that they are almost the same figures except mtk smartphone write imei last two numbers. Remember to write those IMEI numbers somewhere you can keep in mtk smartphone write imei you need them. There are signs that when you start experiencing them, then you will know that you need to write IMEI number on your mtk smartphone write imei. You will also realize that in such a time, you have a network problem.

It can range from signal completely missing, or the signal appears but you cannot make calls, receive calls, send or receive messages. You can also conclude that you need to write IMEI on your phone when you not that if you are having dual SIM cards, either or both of them have got network issues.

It is either one can connect to the internet but cannot do any other tasks, or the other will not connect to the internet, but can perform other functions. This problem occurs if you are having two wrong IMEI numbers all looking the same. In the article, you can learn how you can change your IMEI using other methods and apps. SN Writer tool is the best computer tool and I strongly recommend it.

This tool is lightweight simple and easy to use. Using this method will permanently write your IMEI on your Android and it will remain intact even in the event when you flash a new ROM or you perform a factory reset. The first step involves getting the tool. SN Writer tool sometimes comes with the firmware you download. So, mtk smartphone write imei, if you have ever downloaded a firmware before, look it the folders you might find SN Writer if it was included.

If not, then just search on Google for SN Writer tool download and you will download it on your computer. It works on almost all versions of Windows. It comes in zip format. After you finish downloading the zip that contains SN Writer tool, locate where you have downloaded the file, copy it in a folder and now unzip or extract it. After you have extracted it, open the folder you have extracted and open it.

You will realize that the folder contains many other files. Locate SN Writer, mtk smartphone write imei. Although that feature is pre-selected already by default. On Target type, select smartphone.

After selecting phone type, in our case it is Smartphone, now click on System Config, mtk smartphone write imei. This will take you to the system configuration panel as shown below. But you can check the other boxes if you wish to write their addresses too. Now go down to IMEI option. After that having been done, go down now to the DataBase File section, mtk smartphone write imei. In some firmwares, this file is present as MD1 DB.

Do the same with AP DB. It is always indicated as APDB. Select it and click the Open button. Now, at this point, you have already done your configurations and now, the next stage is now inputting your IMEI numbers, mtk smartphone write imei. The one you want to write. Carefully go through those numbers to make sure you have entered the correct IMEI numbers. Click OK button. This now, is the final step. At this stage, your computer must be having VCOM drivers already installed.

If you encounter driver signature problem along installation, check my article on How to Solve Driver Signature Problem and Install Drivers on Windows If you already have those drivers installed, proceed and switch off your phone, and connect it to your computer using your USB cable, mtk smartphone write imei.

After you have connected your smartphone or feature phone if you are writing on feature phoneSN Writer tool will identify and connect your smartphone and a blue mtk smartphone write imei bar will start loading until the process is finally finished. Now, unplug your smartphone from the USB cable and power it on. The procedure I have explained above is very accurate and will work for sure if you follow the procedures or steps I have mentioned.

There are some of the things I have not mentioned that I wish to mention here. That is the downside with SN Write tool.

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mtk smartphone write imei


Jan 17,  · In this guide, we bring you the MTK IMEI Writer Tool. It enables you to write the IMEI number on smartphones running on the MediaTek Chipset. International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI number is a digit unique serial number that uniquely identifies your smartphone. This is a very important aspect of the smartphone. Apr 26,  · MTK IMEI Tool Features: 1) Easy To Use: With the help of MTK IMEI tool, you can easily flash IMEI on your MTK based device. To do that, connect your smartphone or tablet to a computer, launch MTK IMEI tool by following this path (MTK IMEI Tool -> Debug ->, enter your IMEI number and click on “Write IMEI“/5(15). Aug 10,  · Download Write IMEI Tool MTK IMEI Repair Tool: MTK IMEI Tool [Write IMEI Tool] is a portable IMEI software for all MTK chipset based devices. MTK IMEI tool is powered by AppWizard that allows user to flash IMEI number on all MTK or Mediatek mobile phones. Although there are so many other IMEI repair [ ].