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Movistar (Telefónica), Vodafone, Orange (formerly Amena) and Yoigo are the four mobile phone service providers in Spain with their own network. Of these, Movistar is the oldest and most established and Yoigo the newest. I’ve experienced and heard mixed things about each of them, generally as follows. Mobile networks and carriers in Spain use 2 GSM bands, 2 UMTS bands, and 2 LTE bands. Find out if your unlocked phone or mobile device will work in Spain. See the tables below for details. We guarantee that we will never bill you for data charges so you can never return has been visited by 10K+ users in the past month.

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Information on mobile and cell phones in Spain, contract and pay-as-you-go phones and an overview of mobile phone service providers, phone network spain y, including Movistar, Vodafone and Orange.

In North America: cell or cell phones; in Europe and Spain: mobile phones. The same thing. Almost everyone has at least one mobile phone in Spain and sending SMS text messages is extremely popular, as there are no periods of free calling on weekends or evenings available with any of the Spanish providers. So, just to communicate with your friends, texting can be a necessary skill to develop — how dextrous are your fingers? You can also pay for a variety of services by sending an SMS text message to a vendor wireless hotspots, contests, voting, etc.

But when you do make a phone call, you generally pay for the call connection establecimiento de llamada and the time you spend talking on the phone.

This rate tarifa is generally quoted either per minute or per second, but all call time is charged per second. This is the system in use here. This is similar to most countries. As you would expect, phone network spain y, you only pay for what you use.

In general, call quality, coverage and customer service vary little across the spectrum. Of these, Movistar is the oldest and most established and Yoigo the newest.

Virtual mobile phone service providers are relatively new in Spain. These providers are able to fix their rates independently of the networks they use, and in many cases offer lower rates or other incentives, such as free call connections.

Expect to see the next crop of virtual providers on the market any day now. Any of the mobile phone service providers in Spain may offer things such as free voicemail, credit advances for pay-as-you-go phones or other services and features, phone network spain y, or have promotions offering free call credit, free text messages, free phones or new low rates. To get the best deal on mobile phone service in Spain, be sure to shop around with the different providers for the latest promotions and features — they change fairly often.

Once you choose a provider, and depending on your calling needs, you can sign phone network spain y for plans that have cheaper calling rates during certain times of the day, to certain countries, etc. If you find this site helpful, please leave a donation for us. This will encourage us to remove ads, keep responding to your questions and add more great information about living in Spain to SpainExpat. If you'd like to ask a question for discussion, please mosey on over to the Spain Forum.

See our posting rules and instructions here. This website is magnificent with so much needed info. It's fantastic!!!!!!!! I thank all of the people who had an input in creating this web site. Movistar say they have support in English, but it only seems to be in effect if you are buying something, any problems or if you are complaining, you have little chance, phone network spain y.

Also you will need to find your way through the push button 1 to be put on hold, listening to elevator music for a week remote menu's in Spanish naturally Several companies have sprung up this year with full "own language" support, good coverage and excellent and easy to understand call rates. Even PAYG rates are good. Try looking at Telitec, Europa, Viva to name a few. Hope this helps, Steve. Hi There is another option now for people with no NIE having to have a?

The company I work for offer a system where people can have their phone topped up by 30 euros each month from the bank, removing the need for top up phone network spain y, they also get 90 euros back in the 19th month as a thank you. They offer great tariffs and there is no contract commitment.

Katie Govier. Hello,does any one know anything about registering your pay as you go mobile phone? I believe it's a security measure to prevent them being used as bombing devices, phone network spain y. I keep forgetting to check with the Orange shop here in Alora. At the moment I am house sitting in the campo. Hello Does anyone know where we can register our pay as you go vodafone mobile in the Alpujarras?

We have registered on line but we need to show a passport in a vodafone shop. Hello, My daughter is going to be in Valencia for a year on a student exchange. She will have her unlocked GMS cell phone. She is too young to enter into a contract for a year. Does anyone have a recommendation for a pay as you go service that allows SMS? Also, if phone network spain y has an internet phone, will she be able to use it or is that only allowed with contract services?

Thank you so much for your response. Unless you have an existing spanish bank account, you'll be out of luck if you try to buy a contract without an NIE. What about terminology? I will have to buy a prepaid phone in Spain next week. I assume there is a Spanish term for prepaid. Does anyone know what it is? Provided that your phone is unlocked you can buy a sim card with any company. Depending on where you live, make sure that you receive good cover.

I live in Alora and have had good cover with Yoigo and Orange. As a security measure you will have to fill in a form with either your NIE or passport number. Another word you'll want to know is the one for balance: Saldo. By the way, phone network spain y, not all the small phone stores carry SIM cards anymore, so you're best off going to a big chain like El Corte Ingles.

Robin, They call Prepaid phone network spain y or "De tarjeta". SIM with a contract is called "Contrato". Can anyone tell me phone network spain y you can get a contract internet dongle with unlimited usage? Or maybe the best value dongle. Many thanks. I'm Madrid at the moment and was robbed by 2 Romanians. My concern is they took my mobile phone and for 12 hours I have been trying to contact Orange on various numbers and keep getting pathetic robotic information which doesn't help me at all.

I can't cancel my number and of course it is Sunday and the orange shops are closed. I have heard of this problem countless times from others traveling in Spain. Hi All, I am moving to Spain with my boyfriend who has phone network spain y a job recently and I am looking for work in Gibraltar. We will be living in Sotogrande initially. I wonder if anybody can help with this I have an Iphone 4 on a 24 month o2 contract and still have 1 year left.

I called them and they said I can either pay the contract off for? I have read that they are quite a bit more expensive than the UK, is that correct? Do most iphone contracts include internet 3G? Also, can I actually get a contract if I have a phone already so just need the Sim? Or am I best off paying off the phone and then selling it on ebay or something and then getting a contract once I get to Spain with a new iphone!??

Sorry, a little confused here! Thanks, Emma. Registerthen sign-in with your SpainExpat username to post your comments. Is Britain considered part of the European Union?

What about taxes for running a business in Spain for an Expat? We are often able to move you along with your belongings if transport is a problem, keeping the cost down. Telephone Service in Spain. Spanish Mobile Phone Rental Comparison. Amena [English site]. Cheap Flights to Spain. Embassies and Consulates for English Speaking Countries. Spain Returns to the Peseta. Spain Expat - the independent authority for expats living in Spain Providing the phone network spain y independently sourced information by expats for expats in Spain, including information about living in Spain, how to get Internet, learning Spanish, currency exchange, health care, medical insurance, cheap calls, free calls using VoIP, cell phones in Spain, how to get your visa for Spain, working issues and jobs, finding good phone network spain y flights, available banking options, all kinds of information about moving here and finding apartments in Spain.

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Movistar (Telefónica), Vodafone, Orange (formerly Amena) and Yoigo are the four mobile phone service providers in Spain with their own network. Of these, Movistar is the oldest and most established and Yoigo the newest. I’ve experienced and heard mixed things about each of them, generally as follows. Network coverage in SPAIN. A key part of any mobile phone specification is its operating frequency bands. The supported frequency bands determine whether a certain handset is compatible with a certain network carrier. Beside the mobile phone specifications, GSMArena is happy to also provide you with its own country-based frequency band directory. Spain operates on a GSM network. For Europeans and many other countries, this means that your current phone will probably work in Spain. If you are coming from North America or parts of Asia you will probably have a CDMA phone, which will not work.